All starts with an Idea

All starts with your Idea, work directly with our designers to imagine, sketch, engineer and craft an Unique Engagement Ring.

Our original designs, found nowhere else, come to life right here in our Manhattan workshop.

Get inspired by our custom engagement and wedding rings, all created in our Manhattan workshop. A custom ring is Uniquely Yours and no more costly than a mass produced ring.

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Product Custom Design and Craft

Hand  fabrication

Some of our finest designs are hand fabricated from sheet, bar stock and wire.
This is truly the finest in old world, traditional jewelry making techniques and is the best production method for many designs.


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Jewelry finishing

Finishes, Texture and Detailing

There are many types of surface finishes, ranging from a high polish to a coarse hammered background. We use bead blasting equipment, emery cloths, files, hammers and numerous specialty tools…including a large boulder to apply a wide variety of finishes and surface treatments.

Antiquing, or blackening of the background area, and enameling can be used to create specialized effects. Before quality marking, we double and triple check all details of the design to ensure all instructions have been meticulously followed, the design is well executed and your piece is perfect as it can be!

All of our designs are then quality marked, giving our assurance of the karat or fineness of the metal.

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