CAD Design

We’ll begin your model using a picture, sketch or simply from verbal and written descriptions of your idea – that’s all we need!

We’ll design your model using advanced 3-D design software. We have successfully earned the respect and trust of clients by producing sustainable, high-quality designs generated from high-end CAD software.

After completion of your CAD model, we’ll send you rendered, photo-realistic pictures of the computer-generated model for your approval.

3D Printing

Tech-Designs combines art, inspiration and the most advanced industry technology to provide you prototypes of the highest resolution available – all at competitive prices.

If you have a CAD model you want to grow or mill, please send us your files for a free estimate. After you send your files, we can advise you as to which machine will best produce your model or we will use the machine we deem best for your project.

We have state-of-the-art prototype machines in our shop and our models are built at an industry-best resolution. We have at your service ten Solidscapes 3D printers, one DWS 029, one Projet 3000HD Plus, and three of our TD CNC 5000 4 axis systems. We at Tech-Designs are capable of growing over 100 models overnight!

RP Casting

At Tech-Designs, our main goal is to provide you with the finest quality castings, specialized in rapid prototype WAX and RESIN for all type of precious metals, at the most competitive prices in the industry, and at the shortest delivery time possible. Our latest state-of-the-art casting machines are equipped with computer controlled programs in order to maintain exact control over the entire casting process, ensuring the highest quality and porosity-free castings.

Fabrication and Manufacturing

Carlos Zamora is the founder and President/CEO of Tech Designs. Over the course of two decades, Carlos and the Tech Designs team have built a world-class manufacturing firm that specializes in high reliability and consistency for the world’s leading jewelry retailers.

At Tech Designs, our focus is to complement artisan quality with advanced manufacturing excellence through personalized attention. Our focus on detail and production has placed us in a unique position to serve our customers with a vertically integrated manufacturing process and capability under one roof. This efficiency allows us to ensure maximum quality throughout every stage of the manufacturing process.

Some of our clients: